Kevin Gates Found Out That He’s Having S@x With His Cousin, Doesn’t Stop (Video)

Kevin-Gates-Dating-CousinKevin Gates shared some interesting news on Instagram earlier today: He found out that the woman he’s sleeping with is actually his cousin. The Louisiana rapper recently learned from his grandmother that his girlfriend of three months is related to him. Gates doesn’t care though.
I ain’t about to stop fucking with her,” he said on Instagram. To him, their three month relationship is unchanged by the news. “Y’all done got the hard part out of the way,” Gates said. “Why fuck up a good thing?”

While “Newsflash: I’m proud that I’m having sex with my cousin” isn’t the first thing that we’d think to share to thousands of people online, Gates was brazen and unabashed in the face of damning commenters. It may, however, be worth noting (just in case) that marrying your first cousin is illegal in the state of Louisiana. Worldwide though, cousin marriage comprises approximately 10 percent of all marriages. Gates isn’t alone in how he feels about inter-family relationships.

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