Lil Wayne In Trouble After Allegedly Punching Bouncer


When you look at Lil Wayne you don’t necessarily see someone who can send a bouncer to the hospital with a punch.

But that’s what he’s being accused of.

The LAPD is investigating a claim that Weezy slugged a bouncer who was working the door at the post-BET Awards party Wayne and 2 Chainz were hosting in LA.

TMZ reports that Wayne was arguing with the doorman about who gets in and ended up delivering a blow to the bouncer’s face.

The bouncer was sent to the hospital for treatment, and called the police from there

Wayne’s camp tells a different story. They say the guard was working the VIP section all night. They concede he had a brief altercation with Wayne after he mistakenly grabbed the rapper’s arm. But they report no injuries and claim the bouncer apologized to Weezy for not recognizing him.

Now we’ll see what the LAPD decides to do.

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