AD POLO aka Dj King Lo is a triple threat with his knowledge in Production, Writing & Dee Jay. In 2005 when there was only MySpace, not Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Vine, LinkedIn, Facebook social media sites.Adrian Ashley IV, better known by his stage name AD POLO, is a well known hip hop producer and the president of his own Georgia based promotions company Muzik Fanatic which he started in 2012. in 2005 AD POLO first jumped on the Music Industry Scene in 2005 while been in high school with his smash hit Crank dat Scooby Doo which received over 755,600 plays as of 2007 when it was up loaded to YouTube, as well as another one that received over 600K plays, keep in mind this happened with out the main push of all there current social media network site that are available now in 2016. Long story short if everything was available back then he would be a platinum recording artist now. We asked AD POLO was he offered any deals and replied yes

“I was offered 2 deals, but I passed on them because I wanted to be taken serious, serious as an artist not as a gimmick during the Crank Dat Era

Crank dat Scooby Doo

Fast forward AD POLO has been actively involved in the music industry most recently as a Music Director of Radio Station for the last 2 years at the same time still producing great hits with artist around the world and still finding time to follow is passion music. He recorded his own projects like “Duck Head ft kCAne MarkCO” and “Dope Chick” the remix with Dj Unk dropping soon. AD POLO just released his “Give Thanks” available on ITunes, Apple Music, CD Baby, YouTube, Spotify & Pandora Radio Thanksgiving Weekend.

Community Involvement 

A side from all that AD POLO finds time to work with Kids through the Anti Bullying Tour with DjBigO317 
traveling around the country using music and social media as a tool to reach our youth, Encourage, Empower, Educate.

Current Projects 

Give Thanks”  Released November 2016 
featured single Insomnia video available

Social Media 

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